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Worksheets for Years 5-10

These collective worksheets are for different subjects: Science, HASS, Math, English, etc. that could have been already added in the other pages. But for easier reference and grouping according to years, you can check them here.

Worksheets for Years 3 & 4

A collection of all worksheets and quizzes fitted for years 3 and 4. All of the worksheets on this page are printable and are ready to used.

Worksheets for Years 1 & 2

A collection of worksheets and quizzes for years 1 & 2.

Worksheets for PP & Kindy 

There are three worksheets here: quizzes, assorted worksheets, and reading comprehension. Not too much to overload the young lads.

Children are one third of our population and all of our future.

Interesting Number Facts

Till what number can bees count to?


Studies show that bees can identify and count up to four and recognize the concept of zero. Bees were trained to choose which sample has “more” or “less.” Eventually they exhibited an 80% success rate.

Fastest record to count to 1 million?

89 days

Jeremy Harper of Alabama holds the Guinness World Record for counting to one million. He live-streamed the entire process that took him 89 days. He spent 16 hours per day counting aloud, while 8 hours were for eating and sleeping.

How many species of reptiles does Australia have?


Know your Australia!

In fact, Australia has the most amount of reptiles in the world – which is over 750 different species! That’s quite a lot!

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