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Quizzes for all age groups are below.

Quizzes for Teachers
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Teachers Quiz 1

1. The highest mountain in any Australian state or territory is
Mt Buller/ Mt Kosciusko/ Ram’s Head/ Mount McClintock

2. A fiend in ‘Oliver Twist’ is  
Falstaff/ Fagin/ Friday/ Faraday

3. -273oC is  
Antarctica’s coldest recorded temperature/ Planet Saturn’s surface temperature/ Absolute Zero/ the temperature at which mercury freezes

4. The great composer, pianist and conductor Rachmaninoff was
Russian/ German/ Hungarian/ Polish

5. Which one is famous?  
Aristotle’s Square/ Euclid’s Parallelogram/ Pythagoras’ Circle/ Pascal’s Triangle

6. The capital city of Ukraine is
L’viv/ Kiev/ Kharkiv/ Odessa

7. A skate is  
a fish/ a bird/ an insect/ a mammal

8. Marie Curie moved to France from
Switzerland/ Poland/ Austria/ Romania

9. The flag of Hungary has three stripes that are  
red, white and green (horizontal)/ red, white and green (vertical)/ red, yellow and green (horizontal)/ red, yellow and green (vertical)

10. Each of these men was Prime Minister of Australia. Which one was our 2nd Prime Minister?
George Reid/ John Watson/ Alfred Deakin/ Edmund Barton 

Solutions to Teachers Quiz 1
 Mount McClintock (in Australian Antarctic Territory)
2. Fagin      

3. Absolute Zero
4. Russian     
5. Pascal’s Triangle    
6. Kiev    
7. fish    
8. Poland    
9. red, white and green (horizontal)      
10. Alfred Deakin

Teachers Quiz 2

1. Which planet has a moon named Phobos?
Venus/ Saturn/ Jupiter/ Mars

2. Josephine Cochran invented
the dishwasher/ windscreen wipers/ disposable nappies/ white-out (liquid paper)

3. London’s latitude is just over
47oN/ 49oN/ 51oN/ 53oN

4. Elliot is a town in
WA/ NT/ SA/ Tas

5. Roald Dahl was born in
England/ Scotland/ Ireland/ Wales

6. 80% of San Francisco was destroyed by an earthquake in
1904/ 1906/ 1908/ 1910

7. How many active volcanoes does Australia have?
0/ 1/ 2/ 3

8. Who founded the Microsoft Corporation with Bill Gates?
Steve Wood/ Bob Greenberg/ Paul Allen/ Jim Lane

9. Who wrote the poem, ‘The Highwayman’?
Alfred Noyes/ Alfred Tennyson/ John Donne/ Oscar Wilde

10. The first person to reach the South Pole was
Robert Scott/ Robert Peary/ Thor Heyerdahl/ Roald Amundsen

Solutions to Teachers Quiz 2

2. dishwasher
3. 510N
4. NT
5. Wales
6. 1906
7. 2
8. Paul Allen
9. Alfred Noyes
10. Roald Amundsen

Teachers Quiz 3

1. In which country was Albert Einstein born?

2. When we gain weight do we also gain blood?

3. The Mariana Trench is in which ocean?

4. What fraction of a metre is a micron?
one thousandth/one millionth/one billionth

5. Tutankhamen died in his late…
teens/ 20s/ 30s

6. Tachyphagia is …….?

7. An okapi is an …..
Aztec temple/African mammal/Arctic bird

8. In France a ‘pont’ is a

9. What battle was fought in 1066?

10. Who starred alongside Clark Gable in ‘Gone with the Wind’?

Solutions to Teachers Quiz 3
1. Germany

2. Yes
3. Pacific
4. one millionth
5. teens
6. rapid eating
7. African mammal
8. bridge
9. Battle of Hastings
10. Vivien Leigh

Teachers Quiz 4

1. How many nanoseconds in a second?

2. Strasbourg is a city in …

3. K2 is a …
mountain/isotope/moon of Jupiter

4. Who wrote the novel ‘Frankenstein’?

5. What did Joseph Priestley discover?

6. In which part of the world was the abacus invented? ….
Mesopotamia/China/Greece    ?

7. Which city was founded by Sir Stamford Raffles?

8. Who composed ‘Fur Elise’?

9. Which river flows through Budapest?

10. What is the capital city of Panama?

Solutions to Teachers Quiz 4
1. one billion
2. France
3. mountain
4. Mary Shelley
5. oxygen
6. Mesopotamia
7. Singapore
8. Beethoven
9. Danube
10. Panama City

Teachers Quiz 5

1. Bagpipes often play “Scotland the _ _ _ _ _.”

2. The continents with the largest and smallest populations begin with the same letter. What are these continents?

3. What did Alexander Fleming discover?

4. Cicero was Greek/ Egyptian/ Roman

5. Compared with a hectare an acre is:
larger/ smaller/ the same

6. In music which note is longer in time…
minim/ crotchet/ quaver ?

7. The last Ice Age ended around
1 000/ 10 000/ 1 00 000 years ago

8. What are the first three letters of the Greek alphabet?

9. A puck is used in which ‘cold’ team sport?

10. Which European country and its capital city both begin with the letter S?  

Solutions to Teachers Quiz 5

2. Asia/Antarctica
3. penicillin
4. Roman
5. smaller
6. minim
7. 10 000
8. Alpha-Beta-Gamma
9. ice hockey
10. Sweden/Stockholm

Teachers Quiz 6 

1. John Logie Baird invented
     radio     television     computers

2. Mach 1 is the speed of
sound       light       neither of these    

3. What is the area of a square whose sides measure 0.5 cm?

4. Who was Charles Babbage?

5. Which river flows through Budapest?

6. Can you name an Egyptian city that has the letter A in its name three times?

7. Name one of the two most famous football (soccer) clubs in Spain.

8. Which one wrote the poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’?
         Coleridge      Shelley      Tennyson

9. Which one is not in the Caribbean Sea?
          Jamaica           Puerto Rico           Guam

10. The chemical symbol for iron is
       Pb           Ir          Fe

Solutions to Teachers Quiz 6
1. television      
2. sound    
3. 0.25cm2        
4. inventor of the computer      
5. Danube
6. Alexandria       
7. Real Madrid/ FC Barcelona      
8. Coleridge        
9. Guam      
10. Fe


Quizzes for Years 7 to 10
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Years 7-10 Quiz 1

1. The Himalaya Mountains are in
South America/ Africa/ Asia

2. Napoleon was a famous                
general/ artist/ composer        

3. The world’s largest ocean is the
Pacific/ Indian/ Atlantic       

4. The capital city of Italy is
Milan/ Paris/ Rome        

5. Marco Polo went on a long journey
by ship/ on foot/ by sled        

6. Tigers are native to
Africa/ Asia/ both Africa and Asia       

7. Picasso was a famous
artist/ musician/ writer      

8. Which of these has a coastline?
Sweden/ Switzerland/ both

9. Which of these has a coastline?
Uganda/ Zimbabwe/ neither     

10. Tectonic plates are       
in valleys/ in mountain ranges/ below the ground                   

Solutions to Years 7-10 Quiz 1
2. general      

3. Pacific
4. Rome     
5. on foot    
6. Asia     
7. artist    
8. Sweden    
9. neither     
10. below the ground

Years 7-10 Quiz 2

1. You might see a mirage in a            
mirror/ desert/ volcano’s crater

2. The three primary colours are red, blue and
brown/ white/ yellow

3. Crabs are
crustaceans/ molluscs/ sea anemones

4. The first man on the moon was Neil
Armstrong/ Diamond/ Thomas

5. Igneous refers to a type of
animal/ vegetable/ rock

6. Cellos are musical             
notes/ compositions/ instruments

7. Black holes have no          
gravity/ light/ mass

8. Rembrandt was a famous
dancer/ artist/ writer

9. Our voice box is called the         
larynx/ coccyx/ sternum

10. The age of a tree may be found by counting its         
leaves/ branches/ rings     

Solutions to Yrs 7-10 Quiz 2
1. desert

2. yellow
3. crustaceans
4. Armstrong
5. rock
6. instruments
7. light
8. artist
9. larynx
10. rings

Years 7-10 Quiz 3

1. London Bobbies are
 soldiers/ policemen/ firemen

2. A light year is a
distance/ period of time/ speed

3. Compared to 3/5, 40% is
less/ greater/ equal

4. Hesitant means
careful/ impatient/ six-sided

5. ‘Pyro’ has to do with
snakes/ fire/ pyramids

6. Full moons occur approximately every
2 weeks/ 4 weeks/ 2 months 

7. Switzerland is well-known for producing
computers/ clocks and watches/ automobiles

8. Moscow is a city in
Mongolia/ Russia/ Poland

9. The capital city of India is
New Delhi/ Mumbai/ Chennai 

10. A medieval plague was the
White Death/ Grey Death/ Black Death 

Solutions to Yrs 7-10 Quiz 3
1. policemen

2. distance
3. less
4. careful
5. fire
6. 4 weeks
7. clocks and watches
8. Russia
9. New Delhi
10. Black Death

Years 7-10 Quiz 4

1 Earthquakes occur along fault
         lines        spaces        walls

2 Sand is used in the making of
       plastics        glass        alloys

3 Pistons are found in
      flowers        volcanic rock        engines

 4 Sceptical means
    calm        doubtful        careful

5 Tibet is a country that is
       mountainous        tropical        dry

6 Dogs are canines and cats are
     felines        bovines        kitines

7 A great river in South America is the
       Nile        Mississippi        Amazon

8 You would see a blimp
      on rails        up above        at sea

9 The kingfisher is a
      marsupial        fish        bird

10 The word zooming is
      an adverb        a verb        an adjective

Solutions to Yrs 7-10 Quiz 4
1. lines
2. glass
3. engines
4. doubtful
5. mountainous
6. felines
7. Amazon
8. up above
9. bird
10. verb 

Years 7-10 Quiz 5

1 Seoul is a city in
        Europe        Asia        South America

2 The number zero is
        prime          composite          neither of these

3 Mt Everest’s height is a little less than
      4 km          9 km          15 km

4 Pallid means
     pale         tasteless         hard

5 A large city in Brazil is
       Moscow             Rio de Janeiro            Toronto

6 The word ‘bonjour’ is
        Italian            German            French

7 This is used to hold bricks together.
         mortar            gyprock            slate

8 Rabbits live in
      warrens          caves          dens

9 Space shuttles rely on booster
        navigation            rockets            antennae

10 Tepid means slightly
       burnt            warm          overheated 

Solutions to Yrs 7-10 Quiz 5
1. Asia
2. neither
3. 9km
4. pale
5. Rio de Janeiro            
6. French
7. mortar
8. warrens
9. rockets
10. warm

Years 7-10 Quiz 6

1 A planet with a red spot is
       Mars        Jupiter        Saturn

2 Tsunamis are sometimes called
       tidal waves       earthquake waves       pressure waves

3 The number of syllables in encyclopaedia is
        5         6          7

4 How many Olympic rings are there?
         3         4         5

5 Which one is a well-known volcano?
          Mt. Vesuvius           Mt. Everest          Mt. Rushmore

6 Which one is not an ancient civilisation?
         Greek          Aztec          Harian

7 A man named Hans is more likely
       Italian          Indian         German

8 A lady named Olga is more likely
       Russian          French          Spanish

9 People who can use both hands equally well are
         bi-handed           ambidextrous           double jointed

10 The book of Islam is called the
       Musolind          Sanidan          Koran 

Solutions to Yrs 7-10 Quiz 6
1. Jupiter
2. tidal waves
3. 6
4. 5
5. Mt. Vesuvius        
6. Harian
7. German
8. Russian
9. ambidextrous
10. Koran


Quizzes for Years 5 & 6
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Years 5-6 Quiz 1

1. The Japanese flag is red and       
white      blue      yellow     

2. A former president of the USA was George        
Edison      Clinton      Washington    

3. The earth is          
spherical     elliptical     conical       

4. William Shakespeare was a            
painter     musician     writer       

5. The moon is a ? of Earth          
meteorite     satellite     lunarmite      

6. The diameter of a circle is double the length of the          
circumference     perimeter     radius     

7. In our solar system the number of major planets is       
nine     eight        fourteen        

8. Christopher Columbus was an        
explorer     artist        aviator       

9. In our body the main organ of circulation is the       
liver      heart       diaphragm      

10. Seeds      
pulsate     resuscitate     germinate

Solutions to Years 5-6 Quiz 1
1. white       

2. Washington         
3. spherical       
4. writer      
5. satellite
6. radius       
7. eight       
8. explorer        
9. heart        
10. germinate

Years 5-6 Quiz 2

1. The capital city of France is
Rome      Frankfurt      Paris       

2. Captain Cook’s first name was
Jonathon       Jeremiah       James       

3. The strength of an earthquake is measured by a
seismograph     polygraph     barometer     

4. Cumulus is a type of
cloud        cucumber       calculating machine        

5. Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up
nuclear reactors      parliament      oil rigs      

6. An enclosure for pigs is a
paddock     barn       sty       

7. Alps are very high
structures      mountains      clouds        

8. If you have Euros you have
good luck     money       a disease        

9. New Delhi is a city in
China        Russia        India           

10. You would see a ringmaster at a
circus       zoo        bull fight

Solutions to Years 5-6 Quiz 2
1. Paris

2. James
3. seismograph
4. cloud
5. parliament
6. sty
7. mountains
8. money
9. India
10. circus

Years 5-6 Quiz 3

1. The capital city of Japan is
Tokyo     Shanghai     Bombay

2. Polar Bears live closer to the
North Pole     South Pole     Tropic of Capricorn

3. In one litre there are
10 ml     100 ml     1 000 ml

4. Mushrooms are
toadstools     cacti     fungi

5. Marlin are
fish     birds     reptiles

6. The word delightful is
an adverb     a verb     an adjective

7. One factor of 39 is
13     17     19

8. Pygmies are
short     tall     thin

9. In one hour there are
3 600 seconds     36 000 seconds     360 seconds

10. A barometer measures
air pressure     temperature     altitude

Solutions to Years 5-6 Quiz 3
1. Tokyo

2. North Pole
3. 1 000 ml
4. fungi
5. fish
6. adjective
7. 13
8. short
9. 3 600 seconds
10. air pressure

Years 5-6 Quiz 4

1 Every insect has a head, thorax and
          abomination           absolution          abdomen

2 The female is duck. The male is
        drake         goose         gander

3 How many minutes are there in ¼ of an hour?
          20            10            15

4 The Brothers Grimm told
           lies        stories        fortunes

5 What bees do to flowers
           chlorinate          pollinate          germinate

6 How many quarters in 3 wholes?
         6          8         12

7 The animals that can exist on land and in water are
          amphibians          vertebrates          marsupials

8 The largest ocean is the
           Atlantic         Indian          Pacific

9 A bird of prey is the
         owl        crow        falcon

10 Tropical countries are not too far from
            the equator        the sea        mountains 

Solutions to Years 5-6 Quiz 4
1. abdomen
2. drake
3. 15
4. stories
5. pollinate
6. 12
7. amphibians
8. Pacific
9. falcon
10. the equator

Years 5-6 Quiz 5

1 Some people say cats have
           9 lives        7 lives        10 lives

2 Robin hood was a
           pirate          soldier        bandit

3 The Sahara Desert is in the continent of
            Africa         Asia         South America

4 A pentagon has
           6 sides          5 sides         8 sides

5 The mouth of a river is sometimes called a
           delta            source           tributary

6 Protons are found in
        atoms         veins         engines

7 Which is the hardest?
        silver        diamond         gold

8 Which has the biggest population?
            China         Japan        India

9 The River Nile flows through
         France            Italy             Egypt

10 White light is made up of
         one colour         two colours       many colours

Solutions to Years 5-6 Quiz 5
1. 9 lives
2. bandit
3. Africa
4. 5
5. delta
6. atoms
7. diamond
8. China
9. Egypt
10. many colours

Years 5-6 Quiz 6

1 Astronomers study
          chemistry         soil         stars

2 Elephants
          howl       trumpet       whine

3 You may well see a steeple on a
          ship         church          farm

4 Tibet is
          next to an ocean       in a valley         mountainous

5 An aroma is something’s
         taste        sound        smell

6 Frogs are
          reptiles        amphibians        neither of these

7 Leonardo da Vinci
          painted         invented         both of these

8 An example of a prime number is
              9          12         19

9 Heat is extremely important when
           bricklaying            designing            welding

10 The Loch Ness Monster ‘lives’ in
             England         Scotland         Ireland

Solutions to Years 5-6 Quiz 6
1. stars
2. trumpet
3. church
4. mountainous
5. smell
6. amphibians
7. both of these  8. 19
9. welding
10. Scotland

Quizzes for Years 3 & 4
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Years 3-4 Quiz 1

1. Which is the smaller?…    
town/ village/ city        

2. Name a country with 5 letters.

3. I make things look bigger. I have two words. I am a….

4. I am a certain animal that lives on land and in the water. I build dams. I am a …..

5. Name any colour with 6 letters.    

6. I am a vegetable with two o’s and two n’s I am an …..       

7. What is the world’s highest mountain?

8. Name any large mammal that lives close to the North Pole.

9. Why do we see lightning before we hear thunder?    

10. Name two striped mammals, each with 5 letters.     

 Solutions to Years 3-4 Quiz 1
1. village     

2. China, Japan, India, Kenya, others
3. magnifying glass       

4. beaver        
5. purple, yellow, orange, silver, violet, others
6. onion       

7. Mt Everest          
8. polar bear, walrus, seal, …        
9. light travels faster than sound          
10. zebra, tiger

Years 3-4 Quiz 2

1. Can you name three dinosaurs? 

2. Which is the biggest: 
sun/ Earth/ moon   ?     

3. I am a very large bird that cannot fly. I can run fast. I begin with o. I am an ?  

4. What is the imaginary line around the middle of the earth called?

5. A wallaby is a
mammal/ reptile/ amphibian 

6. The flag of the USA is red, white and ?

7. A boulder is a very large     
tree/ rock/ mushroom

8. Which month has the fewest days?

9. A finch is a         
fish/ mammal/ bird

10. How many sides altogether do 5 rectangles have? 

Solutions to Years 3-4 Quiz 2
1. (teacher)
2. sun      

3. ostrich      
4. equator        
5. mammal   
6. blue      
7. rock        
8. February      
9. bird      
10. twenty

Years 3-4 Quiz 3

1. Which one doesn’t belong?
moon/ Venus/ Mars/ Saturn/ Neptune

2. How many syllables in the word electricity?   

3. How much is a quarter of $20?

4. What time is twenty minutes earlier than 10.15?

5. Which large country in South America begins with B?

6. In which country is the city of Beijing?

7. What is the 4th last letter of the alphabet?

8. How many sides has an octagon?

9. Which great river of South America contains in its name both the first and the last letters of the alphabet?

10. A lady gives birth to quadruplets. How many new babies does she have?

Solutions to Years 3-4 Quiz 3
1. moon      

2. five      
3. $5      
4. 09.55        
5. Brazil   
6. China      
7. W       
8. eight      
9. Amazon      
10. four

Years 3-4 Quiz 4

1. What is a baby swan called?

2. This large musical instrument with pipes is sometimes seen in a church.

3. What is the time when it is 30 minutes later than 6.45?

4. Two triangles and two squares: how many sides altogether?

5. How many millimetres in two-and-a-half centimetres?

6. Name a sport with four letters and beginning with g.

7. What has electricity in it and it rhymes with ‘dark’?

8. How many different vowels in ‘ocean’?

9. Can you name a fish beginning with m?

10. What is the 5th last letter of ‘banana’? 

Solutions to Years 3-4 Quiz 4
1. cygnet
2. organ
3. 7.15
4. 14
5. 25
6. golf
7. spark
8. 3
9. marlin, mackerel, etc
10. a

Years 3-4 Quiz 5 

1. Can you name a country beginning with I and it has 5 letters?

2. This word rhymes with puzzle and it means to drink very quickly.

3. Which is longer, 6 cm or 55 mm?

4. In the word triangle what does tri mean?

5. Which board game has pieces called King, Queen and Bishop?

6. Which sport uses bows, arrows and targets?

7. What are elephants’ tusks made of?

8. Is the centre of the Earth warm, cool, very hot or very cold?

9. Does the Earth spin, revolve or both

10. Which gas do we (humans) breathe out?  

Solutions to Years 3-4 Quiz 5
1. India or Italy
2. guzzle
3. 6cm
4. three
5. chess
6. archery
7. ivory
8. very hot
9. both
10. carbon dioxide

Years 3-4 Quiz 6 

1. Is the North Pole in the Arctic region or in Antarctica?

2. What, beginning with the letters sw, is used in the sport of fencing?

3. Do we eat currants or currents?

4. What type of footwear begins with the letters sl ?

5. If you divide 60 by 11 what is the remainder?

6. Which large animal with four letters in its name hibernates in winter?

7. Which season’s name ends with a silent letter?

8. What is the common name for spectacles?

9. Which country has a famous structure called the Great Wall?

10. Which one is not an ape: chimpanzee, monkey, gorilla 

Solutions to Years 3-4 Quiz 6
1. Arctic
2. sword(s)
3. currants
4. slippers
5. 5
6. bear
7. autumn
8. glasses
9. China
10. monkey

Quizzes for Years 1 & 2
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Related image

Years 1-2 Quiz 1

1. I am a large animal. I can go for days without drinking water, I can carry heavy loads. I feel at home in the desert. I begin with the letter c. I am a ?

2. I am a colour. I have 6 letters. I am not too much different from dark blue. My last letter is e. I have two p’s in my name. I am ?

3. I am a girl from a fairy tale. I have a one-word name which has quite a lot of letters and four syllables. I had a wicked stepmother. After going to a ball and losing a glass slipper I married a prince. Who am I ?

4. I have four letters. I can be red, yellow, pink, white or orange. I have a beautiful scent (smell). I am a flower. What kind of flower am I ?

5. Where would you find lava?

6. What number do you get if you add 3 and 2, double that, and then add 11?

7. What is the silent letter in the word island?

8. Four cats have 16 legs. How many spiders have 16 legs?

9. Which of these is not an insect: bee, grasshopper, beetle, scorpion, wasp ?

10. What is a baby kangaroo called?

Solutions to Years 1-2 Quiz 1
1. camel       
2. purple       
3. Cinderella       
4. rose       
5. on the sides of a volcano
6. 21       
7. s       
8. two       
9. scorpion       
10. joey

Years 1-2 Quiz 2 

1. Can you name a mammal beginning with the letter ‘m’?

2. Can you name an insect beginning with the letters ‘bu’?

3. Name two body parts beginning with ‘e’.

4. Which gas do humans breathe in, oxygen or carbon dioxide?

5. What is the imaginary line around the middle of the earth called?

6. How many sides do four triangles have?

7.  I am a workman who fixes taps and pipes in the kitchen and bathroom. The name of my job begins with P. I am a ?

8. Can you think of a fruit rhyming with Helen?

9. Which one doesn’t belong?
carrot, banana, apple, lemon, pear

10. Can you think of a precious mineral rhyming with old? 

Solutions to Years 1-2 Quiz 2
1. mouse, moose, monkey, ….        

2. butterfly       
3. ear, eye, ….       
4. oxygen       
5. equator         
6. twelve       
7. plumber       
8. melon       
9. carrot (vegetable)       
10. gold 

Years 1-2 Quiz 3 

1. What very fast mammal begins with the letters ch?

2. Can you name three planets?

3. I am a hole in the ground. I rhyme with bell. What am I?

4. I am water that falls down the side of a cliff. I am a?

5. Name a body part that rhymes with flea.

6. Granite is a type of ?

7. Can you think of a country beginning with J?

8. Can you think of a sport beginning with the 7th letter of the alphabet?

9. Can you un-jumble the letters of rats to make something that shines?

10. I rhyme with fridge. You can walk or drive over me. What am I?

Solutions to Years 1-2 Quiz 3
1. cheetah
2. (teacher)
3. well
4. waterfall
5. knee
6. rock
7. Japan, …
8. golf, …
9. star
10. bridge

Years 1-2 Quiz 4

1 How many tens in 110?

2 How many syllables in the word ‘house’?

3 I float in the sky and I rhyme with ‘loud’. I am a ?

4 If you double 4 and then halve that answer what are you left with?

5 How many minutes in half an hour?

6 Which two months begin with the letters ‘Ju’?

7 Can you name a bird beginning with m?

8 How many syllables has helicopter?

9 Which word rhymes with bell and means ‘shout’?

10 Name a fruit with 3 syllables.

Solutions to Years 1-2 Quiz 4
1. 11
2. 1
3. cloud
4. 4
5. 30
6. June, July
7. magpie, macaw, mockingbird, etc
8. 4
9. yell
10. apricot, strawberry, mandarin, blackberry, nectarine, pineapple, etc 

Years 1-2 Quiz 5

1 Rooster is the male. What is the female?

2 Which planet is closest to the sun?

3 What is the 5th letter of the alphabet?

4 I am a small stream and I rhyme with ‘look’. I am a ?

5 At what time of the day or night is dawn?

6 Name a large ocean beginning with P.

7 How much is half of $28?

8 What instrument –it has 3 syllables- is used to look at very tiny things?

9 Can you name a vegetable beginning with ‘sp’?

10 What gas do we breathe in to our lungs?

Solutions to Years 1-2 Quiz 5
1. hen
2. Mercury
3. E
4. brook
5. early in the morning (sunrise)
6. Pacific
7. $14
8. microscope
9. spinach
10. oxygen 

Years 1-2 Quiz 6

1 What instrument measures the air temperature?

2 What animal has a name beginning with double l?

3 Which farm animal has a beard?

4 I am a shape. My first three letters are r-e-c. I am a ?

5 How many centimetres in two metres?

6 Can you think of a dog breed beginning with the letters

7 Can you think of a type of food containing double z in its name?

8 Which country has a name that has these initials: NZ?

9 We have two of these inside us and they help us breathe. They begin with l. They are our ?

10 This large musical instrument with strings has 4 letters and begins with h.

Solutions to Years 1-2 Quiz 6
1. thermometer
2. llama
3. goat
4. rectangle
5. 200
6. Dalmatian
7. pizza (and a type of cheese is mozzarella)
8. New Zealand
9. lungs
10. harp 


Quizzes for PP & Kindy
**click  AT Quizzes PP and K for print version**

PP and Kindy Quiz 1

1. I am an insect. My name starts with ‘gr’. I hop. I am a ?

2. Sam has two pet birds (canaries). Sam also has five pet fish (goldfish). How many more goldfish than canaries does Sam have?

3. Daddy bought a new shirt. Its colour has three letters. What colour is daddy’s shirt?

4. I saw two cows in a paddock. How many legs do the two cows have altogether?

5. What colour rhymes with Jack?

6. What colour rhymes with bean?

7. What bent fruit looks a bit like the moon does sometimes?

8. What is a baby sheep called?

9. What time is it when the little hand on the clock is on the 3 and the big hand is on the 12?

10. Some clothes are made of this. It begins with cot. What is it?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 1
1. grasshopper     

2. three     
3. red      
4. eight      
5. black
6. green      
7. banana      
8. lamb      
9. three o’clock      
10. cotton 

PP and Kindy Quiz 2

1. I am used to open locked doors or locked boxes. I rhyme with flea. I am a?

2. I’m found in the garden. I live inside my shell. I am a ?

3. A very, very, very big hill is called a ?

4. I am a bird. I swim in rivers or lakes. I have a very long neck. What am I?

5. I am a yellow colour and I begin with b. I am spread on bread. What am I?

6. What do we call a baby -or very young- pig?

7. What number is two more than 9?

8. Which one is round: square, triangle, circle?

9. Name an animal with a trunk.

10. Can you think of a flower that begins with r?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 2
1. key     

2. snail     
3. mountain      
4. swan      
5. butter
6. piglet      
7. eleven      
8. circle      
9. elephant      
10. rose, … 

PP and Kindy Quiz 3

1. Name a fruit beginning with the first letter of the alphabet.

2. Name two colours beginning with the letter b.

3. Name an insect with stripes.

4. How many wheels altogether do three bicycles have?

5. I grow and I have branches and leaves. What am I?

6. I am a sport for two or four players. There is a net in the middle. Each player has a racquet and there is a ball. What sport am I?

7. I am a large musical instrument. You sit on a stool to play me. I have white and black keys. I am a?

8. I begin with f. I am a very young horse. I am a?

9. A very, very, very large boat is called a ?

10. Which part of your face rhymes with south?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 3
1. apple     

2. brown, black, blue, beige, …     
3. bee, wasp, …     
4. six      
5. tree       
6. tennis      
7. piano     
8. foal      
9. ship      
10. mouth

PP and Kindy Quiz 4

1. A horse has long hair hanging down from the top of its head and shoulders. What do we call this long hair on a horse?

2. What do we call a very short sleep? (it rhymes with cap)

3. Is a grandfather clock tall, small or medium sized?

4. Which two colours can be mixed to make green?

5. Ships sail in the sea. The sea is sometimes called the ? (begins with o)

6. How many sides do square things have?

7. What colour rhymes with shoe?

8. What is the top part of a candle called? (it is the bit we light and it starts with w)

9. A duck says ‘quack’. What does a donkey say?

10. What number is 3 more than 5?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 4
1. mane 
2. nap    
3. tall      
4. blue and yellow   
5. ocean    
6. four      
7. blue     
8. wick    
9. hee-haw; (or ee-aw)    
10. eight

PP and Kindy Quiz 5

1. What can we hold up to our eyes to look at far away things? (starts with b)

2. What helps fish swim? They start with f.

3. Fish blow these; they start with b.

4. Can you think of a striped animal that looks like a horse?

5. What is the tallest animal?

6. What is inside our body and it pumps blood? (starts with h)

7. Some people say you’ll find this at the end of a rainbow. What is it?

8. What rhymes with ring and we can do it with our voice?

9. How many tentacles has an octopus?

10. Has many legs has a spider?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 5
1. binoculars
2. fins    
3. bubbles     
4. zebra   
5. giraffe   
6. heart    
7. pot of gold     
8. sing   
9. eight  
10. eight

PP and Kindy Quiz 6

1. What colour rhymes with ‘think’?

2. In what part of the house would you find pots and pans?

3. Where would you look to see planets?

4. You sit on it. It rhymes with bear.

5. Can you think of a fruit that starts with the 1st letter of the alphabet?

6. What is the opposite of up?

7. What do aeroplanes have on each side of them? (starts with w)

8. Are sharks and dolphins both fish?

9. What is wet and falls from clouds?

10. What colour begins with br?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 6
1. pink
2. kitchen    
3. sky      
4. chair    
5. apple    
6. down    
7. wings      
8. no (dolphins are mammals)   
9. rain  
10. brown

PP and Kindy Quiz 7

  1. I am an insect. I make honey. I am a ?
  2. Pat had four stickers and then got three more. How many stickers does she have now?
  3. What colour starting with O has the same name as a fruit?
  4. How many legs altogether do four crows have?
  5. What colour rhymes with shoe?
  6. What colour rhymes with bed?
  7. What part of your hand rhymes with plum?
  8. What is a baby kangaroo called?
  9. What time is it when the little hand on the clock is on the 8 and the big hand is on the 12?
  10. Some warm clothes are made of this. It begins with w. What is it?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 7
1. bee    
2. seven    
3. orange      
4. eight      
5. blue
6. red      
7. thumb      
8. joey     
9. eight o’clock      
10. wool

PP and Kindy Quiz 8

  1. I float in the sky and I’m often white and fluffy-looking. What am I?
  2. I’m a very small insect and I’m usually black. I have three letters. My first letter is the first letter of the alphabet. What am I?
  3. I’m a place where people like to swim. I rhyme with peach. What am I?
  4. I’m a sea creature and I can be dangerous. My name rhymes with park. What am I?
  5. I’m a drink that has a white colour. I come from cows. What am I?
  6. What do we call a very young or baby cat?
  7. What number is two more than seven?
  8. Which one has three sides: square, triangle, circle?
  9. What do we call a baby sheep or a very young sheep?
  10. Which Australian bird makes a laughing sound?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 8
1. cloud   
2. ant   
3. beach      
4. shark      
5. milk
6. kitten    
7. nine      
8. triangle      
9. lamb      
10. kookaburra

PP and Kindy Quiz 9

  1. In a nursery rhyme who fell off a wall and couldn’t be put back together again?
  2. Which colour begins with the letters ‘ye’?
  3. Which insect starts with m and looks like a butterfly?
  4. How many wheels altogether do two cars have?
  5. What part of a plant or tree is under the ground? (begins with r)
  6. Which sport is played with bats, a ball and wickets (or stumps)?
  7. I am a musical instrument that has strings and I begin with g. What am I?
  8. I am a large animal in the desert and I have a hump on my back. What am I?
  9. Is a canoe a small boat or a large boat?
  10. Which part of your face rhymes with rose?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 9
1. Humpty Dumpty    

2. yellow    
3. moth      
4. eight     
5. roots
6. cricket      
7. guitar   
8. camel     
9. small      
10. nose

PP and Kindy Quiz 10

  1. What kind of animals race in the Melbourne Cup?
  2. Sometime when we sleep we have a ? (rhymes with cream)
  3. Which is more money: a $5 note or three 50 cent pieces?
  4. The colour pink can be made by mixing two other colours; one is white and the other is ?
  5. Surfers ride their surfboards on ? (rhymes with caves)
  6. How many sides altogether do two squares have?
  7. What colour rhymes with bean?
  8. What colour are strawberries?
  9. A sheep says bah. What does a cow say?
  10. What number is four more than six?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 10
1. horses    

2. dream   
3. $5 note      
4. red     
5. waves
6. eight      
7. green      
8. red      
9. moo      
10. ten

PP and Kindy Quiz 11

  1. People put me above their head to protect me from getting wet when it’s raining. I begin with u. What am I?
  2. If insects and birds didn’t have these they wouldn’t be able to fly. What are they?
  3. How many legs do flies have?
  4. Do tigers have spots or stripes?
  5. Which animal looks a bit like a monkey and has a name beginning with ch?
  6. The air we breathe in goes inside our body and into our ? (rhymes with rungs)
  7. Some pirates wore a patch over one of these. What is it? (rhymes with pie)
  8. What rhymes with wrong and we sing it?
  9. What kind of animal was Tyrannosaurus Rex?
  10. How many legs altogether do five children have?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 11
1. umbrella    

2. wings    
3. six     
4. stripes      
5. chimpanzee
6. lungs      
7. eye      
8. song      
9. dinosaur    
10. ten

PP and Kindy Quiz 12

  1. What colour rhymes with bed?
  2. What fruit rhymes with thumb?
  3. What falls from the sky, is white and cold, and rhymes with grow?
  4. How many wheels do four bicycles have?
  5. What is the 4th letter of the alphabet?
  6. What is the opposite of soft?
  7. In houses and other buildings what is higher up, the ceiling or the roof?
  8. Which of these has to come out of the water to take breaths: sharks or dolphins?
  9. What comes first, thunder or lightning?
  10. What fruit rhymes with beach?

Solutions to PP and K Quiz 12
1. red   

2. plum   
3. snow    
4. eight      
5. d (D)
6. hard     
7. roof      
8. dolphins     
9. lightning      
10. peach


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    Thanks for this! Very useful as a casual teacher.

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    Wonderful quizzes. It’s so refreshing not to encounter American content for a change.

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