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Different Quiz Difficulties for Grade Level

Quizzes for Years 7 to 10

Your pre and young teens will surely love these quizzes and let them put their game face on. Perfect for 12-15s.

Quizzes for Years 5 & 6

These quizzes were particularly made for kids age 10-11

Quizzes for Years 3 & 4

These bits are made to challenge kids ages 8-9

Quizzes for Years 1 & 2

Make kids ages 6-7 work their brains off and at the same time have so much fun!

Quizzes for PP & Kindy 

Be amazed how the young 4-6’s can answer these a bitsy mind challengers. Or perhaps whine about it!

Quizzes for Teachers

Have fun with the co-teachers too (or co-parents) while you answer this quiz yourselves! It’s fun, full of general knowledge, and might wake up your sleeping competitiveness.

Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.

– Jess Lair

Interesting Number Facts

Till what number can bees count to?


Studies show that bees can identify and count up to four and recognize the concept of zero. Bees were trained to choose which sample has “more” or “less.” Eventually they exhibited an 80% success rate.

Fastest record to count to 1 million?

89 days

Jeremy Harper of Alabama holds the Guinness World Record for counting to one million. He live-streamed the entire process that took him 89 days. He spent 16 hours per day counting aloud, while 8 hours were for eating and sleeping.

How many species of reptiles does Australia have?


Know your Australia!

In fact, Australia has the most amount of reptiles in the world – which is over 750 different species! That’s quite a lot!

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