Worksheets & Ideas for Years 1 & 2

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Assorted Worksheets
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Quizzes for Years 1 & 2
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Vocabulary Puzzles
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Mathematics Puzzles
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Gen Knowledge Research Crosswords
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How to Write Wonderful Stories
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Science Research Puzzles
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Multiplication Tables (1)
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Multiplication Tables (2)
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Smarten up in English (ages 6-7)
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Smarten up in English (ages 7-8)
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Smarten up in Mathematics ages 6-7
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Smarten up in Mathematics ages 7-8
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Why is the Sky Blue?

We see everything with our eyes.
But when it’s very dark we see nothing, even if our eyes are open.
Why is that?
Because no light is going in through our eyes.
When it’s daytime there IS light going in through our eyes (if they’re open).
Where does this light come from?
Light comes from the sun.
Sunlight moves …it travels … amazing speed.
How fast does light travel?
Well, a car going fast can travel about 100 kilometres in one hour.
(that’s between two finger clicks)
Light from the sun bounces off a rock and goes off in every direction.
If we face the rock with our eyes closed we don’t see it, even though a light ray (a sunbeam) has bounced toward our eyes.
But if we face the rock with our eyes open we do see it because a sunbeam bounces off the rock and into our eyes.
It’s the same with EVERYTHING ELSE that we see.
If we face something with our eyes closed we don’t see it.
Why not?
Because our eyelids are closed and light can’t get in.
But when we open our eyes we can see it ….a rock, a car, a toy, a person …anything we are looking at.
But we have to HAVE OUR EYES OPEN.
What colour is the light that comes from the sun?
Well, it LOOKS white and it IS white BUT….
Sunlight is made up of all the colours of the rainbow (red, blue, yellow, green and other colours) but we can’t see these colours when they’re all mixed up together in a sunbeam.
Each of those colours is invisible to us and a sunbeam (a ray of sunlight) LOOKS white to us, even though it has all those other colours mixed up inside it.
The MIXTURE of all the colours makes the sunlight look white to us.

This is all part of Nature …
…Nature is amazing!!

In the air above us there are millions and billions of tiny little things called particles and molecules …..they’re so tiny, we can’t see them.
When a ray of light from the sun (a sunbeam) ‘hits’ one of these particles the white light SPLITS up a bit and only the BLUE part of the white sunbeam keeps travelling towards our eyes.

     And that’s why the sky looks blue.

Never look at the sun when it’s high up in the sky: it can damage your eyes very badly. The only safe times to look at the sun are at sunrise and sunset.


So that we can make this site as classroom-friendly as possible we would be pleased to hear from teachers who have tried any of our ideas, suggestions or lessons with their classes.
Just a very short note mentioning year level, idea/suggestion used, whether it was a written exercise, class discussion or debate, and any other useful feedback would be appreciated.
(school name optional but State would be of interest)
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99 Responses to Worksheets & Ideas for Years 1 & 2

  1. Leesa says:

    This one of the best sites I am travelling with children for 3 months I found so many relevent worksheets it is just incredible. Thankyou!!!

  2. Tracy says:

    These worksheets are fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to make them. I am home schooling my children for term 4 of this year while we travel around Australia and they will help to form a basis on which to build from. I cannot thank you enough. Excellent work!

  3. Kellie Krahe says:

    I am teaching in a rural International school in Thailand, which has limited resources. This website has helped me immensely in preparing lessons for my class.

    Thanks so much

    Kellie Krahe

    • Dear Kellie,

      We’re glad you found us and are delighted that you’re finding our resources useful.

      Time permitting, we’re hoping to put more on the site towards year’s end.

      All the very best,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  4. Alison says:

    One of the best sites for resources I have found so far…year 2 teacher.

  5. Dianne says:

    A wonderful resource amazing graphics very appealing for the class I teach year 1’s thank you for all your hard work.

    • Thank you Dianne.

      We’ve not added anything to the site for quite awhile.

      Must do so as we have hundreds and hundreds of ideas.
      (it’s just a time thing)

      All the best,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  6. Gordi says:

    I’m a passionate Casual Relief Teacher and your website is such an amazing resource for me. You have everything covered. Thanks so much!

    • Hey, thanks Gordi!

      Haven’t had time to update the site for well over a year but your comment has inspired me to get back into it.
      (have millions of ideas!)

      Best wishes,

      Ron (and Jacqueline)

  7. Dominique says:

    Thank you so much for these worksheets. They are an excellent resource 🙂

  8. priya says:

    Thank you very much.. I found this website so useful for my 7 year old son who is in year 1 now

  9. Ina says:

    Dear Ron & Jacqueline,

    Thank you so much for putting up the lessons and worksheets. I am a relief teacher and your resources have saved me so many times when the teachers I replaced didn’t leave me teaching plans. A big THANK YOU!

    Kind regards


    • Thank you Ina.

      when the teachers I replaced didn’t leave me teaching plans
      Oh yes, we know that scenario well! 😦

      So glad we could help.

      Plenty more going up on the site in the new year. 🙂

      Best wishes,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  10. Thank you Mrs IndulakshmiMohan.

    We’re glad our materials have been helpful to you and your children.

    Best wishes,

    Ron and Jacqueline

  11. This one of the best sites I am travelling with children for 3 months I found so many relevent worksheets … Thank you Mrs IndulakshmiMohan.

  12. Julie says:

    Thank you for these amazing resources – as a new graduate teacher I’m always looking for great resources to use! They also provide me with so many ideas for creating additional resources

  13. Karron says:

    Thank you, I am a casual teacher and these resourses are fabulous to have. I really appreciate them. A huge “thank you”!

    • Thanks for your great comment Karron.

      Your words are a reminder to us to post some more ideas and suggestions on the site (it’s been quite awhile).

      All the best,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  14. sarithya says:

    How can you be so kind as to share such valuable intellectual property!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for such great resources!!!!!!!!!


  15. Jo says:

    Thank you so much for these resources. I have a 7 year old who is loving doing your worksheets for extra homework…

  16. An Thai says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these valuable resources.

  17. Amy says:

    I just wanted to say a massive thanks for such great resources! It’s hard to find useful material for Australian primary students. As a tutor I’m really grateful for all the hard work you’ve put into creating these.

    • It’s our pleasure Amy.

      We’ve spent decades teaching in primary schools and have also tutored many hundreds of students privately -so we know we’re you’re coming from. 😉

      All good wishes,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  18. Riz says:

    Thanks heaps Ron and Jacqueline. I am glad to find this website of yours with so many great ideas and resources. I always wanted an Australian website and I finally found this. I am a casual relief teacher and these are priceless considering the time it saves. Really you are too generous.


    • Thanks Riz,

      Being of assistance to people like you (we’ve done the casual relief teacher bit!) is reward enough for putting up the site.

      Truth is, we would have much much much more on the website if we had the time -there’s absolutely no shortage of ideas.
      It’s the old story -only 24 hours in a day- and how best to juggle competing interests!

      Thanks for your encouraging feedback.

      Ron and Jacqueline

  19. Melissa says:

    I am starting home schooling from next year with a Grade 3 and Grade 1. I wish I found your worksheets earlier, as it would have saved me HOURS of time searching for worksheets based on Australian curriculum, rather than American. And they’re FREE! What a real blessing that is, and how generous you are for doing all this. Thank you so much!

    • So glad to be of help Melissa.

      Re being generous …getting comments like yours is reward in itself -it’s a nice feeling knowing our materials are of use to Aussie families.

      All the best.

      Ron and Jacqueline

  20. Aunty says:

    My niece has started showing signs of dyslexia and so I’ve started tutoring her on Saturdays with these sheets. Thank you sooooo much! You have saved us hours of researching appropriate materials.

  21. Siti Sundari says:

    It’s a very useful materials for me and my students. Thank you thank you thank you

  22. Joice says:

    I have been searching for additional educational material for my daughter , to work on during school holidays. I’m glad I came across this site. Looking forward to working on them with my 6 year old!

    • Dear Joice,

      Thank you for your feedback on our Australian Teacher website.
      We try to make all the learning activities student and teacher friendly.

      When we get the time we’ll certainly be putting more material on the site for six year olds.

      Best wishes,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  23. Sara Daniel says:

    Thank you very much for all the lovely resources and for sharing them with us all.
    Merry Christmas, Happy and Blessed New Year!

    Sara Daniel

  24. Susan Morgan says:

    amazing resources !!! I work as an EA in an Education Support setting and also support worker outside school hours – your worksheets and programs will be of so much benefit to the families I support ! 🙂 Thank you so much – Merry Christmas and God bless x Susan

    • Dear Susan,

      Thanks very much for your great feedback!

      It’s wonderful to know that our ideas and worksheets are being used to good effect by educators such as you.

      ‘Australian Teacher’ is a labour of love for us. While the suggestions and lessons we could put up on the site are infinite, the same cannot be said for our time, and it’s been around two years since anything new has been uploaded.
      However …. right now I (Ron) am putting together something on the topic Animals and I’ll be uploading it to the Science/SOSE/Special page. It should appear there within the next day or two (ie by 16 December).

      Many thanks again Susan.
      We wish you a joyous Christmas and New Year.

      Best wishes,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  25. myls says:

    I am not a teacher , I am a stay home mum , my son will be year 2 Next year, I’ve seen this website .. And looking forward of doing some of your activities and worksheet during the school holidays. To prepare him for school next year … Thank you so much.

  26. Bonnie says:

    Dear Ron and Jacqueline,
    Thank you for all the hard work and effort in making these wonderful worksheets.
    My daughter just loves to do the activities and the worksheets.
    Thanks once again and have a very good year ahead 🙂

  27. Thank you for taking the time to supply these worksheets and lessons. They are coming in very handy as we are also travelling Australia and I am home schooling my 6 year old daughter. She absolutely loves the quiz’s! We have finished them all and we are only in week 6 of schooling… I am going to have to make my own up now!! 🙂 Thanks again – this is a great resource!

  28. Kylie Lakey says:

    i have spent hours searching for something like this!!! these sheets are fantastic. I will be starting home school with my 7 yr old next week and this is just what we needed. great work! Will you be updating and adding sheets for older children as i would like to follow you for next year when he is in grade 3.

    • Hi Kylie,
      Glad our worksheets and ideas are helpful.
      Re next year there is already plenty of material on the website for when your son is in grade three.
      Best wishes,
      Ron and Jacqueline

  29. Janine Smith says:

    Thank you for your website! We have just pulled our 15 year old daughter (who has Autism, Intellectual Delay and ADHD) out of a Special School to Homeschool her. These worksheets and activities and ideas are perfect as she is at varying levels with her learning (eg. Prep for Reading Comprehension and Handwriting, Year 1 Maths, Year 2 English etc) and I can see we will be able to utilise these well with her! Thank you for sharing your skills!!

    • Thanks for your message Janine.

      We’re pleased that our worksheets suit your daughter’s learning needs.
      I (Ron) have worked in classrooms with special needs children, including those with autism and ADHD, and I know how challenging school environments can be for some students. [my niece is a psychologist and works with autistic children]

      We wish you and your daughter all the very best and we thank you for your kind and positive feedback.

      Kind regards,
      Ron and Jacqueline

  30. Hello,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We grant you permission to print material from the website -as much as you like- for use with your daughter.

    Best wishes,

    Ron and Jacqueline

  31. Jean says:

    Thank you Ron and Jacqueline for the most informative website you’ve both painstakingly created. I am a casual relief teacher and this website is the best I have come across. Surely,I will now be prepared for those last minute urgent calls to schools.

    • Thanks for your feedback Jean.

      We endeavour to make our worksheets, ideas and suggestions teacher-friendly …able to be easily implemented into the classroom (while also being fun and challenging).

      Yes, those last minute urgent calls are well-remembered here (we’ve been there!) and if our resources make life a bit easier for you that’s just great.

      Good luck!

      Best wishes,

      Ron and Jacqueline.

  32. Mary says:

    Thank you Ron and Jacqueline for generously sharing these resources that must have taken you hours to create. I’m a full time Year 1 teacher and have been putting together worthwhile work packs for one of my children who is currently in RCH in Melbourne. Your worksheets easily fit in with what we’re working on in class and will help to ensure that he doesn’t miss out.
    Thanks a million,

    • Dear Mary,

      What wonderful feedback.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.

      We’re very happy that you’ll be using some of our materials with this little boy.

      All the very best,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  33. Waheed Qureshi says:

    Great job guys!!!

  34. Jaspreet Singh says:

    This is a one stop site for me . I m really amazed with the work you guys done for pleope like us, made our life easier. Greatful for ur time to make these worksheets.
    Jaspreet Singh

  35. Akshay says:

    These are great and so easy to follow yet keeps kids engaged. You guys have done a wonderful job.

  36. Srivani says:

    I am really amused by the way the work sheets are designed. I am waiting for my child to start practice on the same. Thank you Very Much

  37. Thuy Dang says:

    I was looking for free homework sheets for my 7 year old daughter and found your site. I was chilled . My daughter loves them and keeps asking to do more. She loves animals activities on the site.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort in making these sheets.

    • Thank you Thuy.

      Nice to know your daughter enjoys the animals activities.
      (we’re working on more of these and they should be on the website within a few weeks)

      Best wishes,
      Ron and Jacqueline

  38. Daiana Hernandez says:

    Hello i am going to start to home school my child for a year at home and i was looking through your site and find it excellent i was just wondering are the australian curriculum for qld?

    • Dear Daiana,

      Thank you for your comment.
      The material on the website is not State-specific, meaning that everything on the site is suitable for use in schools throughout Australia.

      Kind regards,

      Ron and Jacqueline

  39. Muskaan Jan says:

    very nice and helpful thank you so much for your help I am from Pakistan and single mother I teach my son at home this worksheets very helpful for me

  40. Kim says:

    I am about to start my first week of casual teaching, I cannot thank you enough for providing so many great resources that are relevant and engaging. You’ve taken so much pressure off me! I have bookmarked this site for prosperity!

  41. Alyson Corben says:

    Thank you, these resources are fantastic.

  42. Chloe says:

    I have been looking for Australian curriculum worksheets for a while now to use with my children for homework. Your worksheets are fantastic! I am a teacher and to find resources like these are amazing

  43. Komal says:

    I have been looking for Australian curriculum worksheets for my daughter online as buying excel books and other is expensive. The resource you provided is brilliant. Thank you so much, you guys are doing great work !

  44. Teni says:

    Excellent website, I really like the lessons.
    It is well developed and vital for my kids language and literacy developments.

    Thank you for great work and allowing people to access it.


  45. Supreet says:

    Wow, these worksheets are awesome to keep children in touch with the school education during holidays.
    Thanks a ton .

  46. vichu says:

    wonderful!! You have covered almost everything like math,English,puzzles etc.
    My daughter is in year1 and it is really challenging for her to do.
    Thanks for the brilliant resources.

  47. Leanne Morris says:

    As an old teacher (in every sense of the word) I was delighted to find your web page as I prepared to have my grandson here periodically during this covid19 lockdown. You have saved me hours of work not to mention saving the strain on my brain! :-))
    Many thanks

  48. Lauren says:

    Thank you for these work sheets. Whilst doing remote learning (due to covid 19) I am struggling to keep my daughter challenged. These will do just the trick. I’m sure she will also thank you later in life.

  49. Ana Salfate says:

    Thank you these are fantastic!

  50. Lisette says:

    I’m so glad I found these worksheets. The mathematics she got from school as learning remote are way too easy, now I found this, and she will be challanged. (Year 2.)

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