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Assorted Worksheets
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Quizzes for PP and Kindy
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Reading Comprehension
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Why is the Sky Blue?

We see everything with our eyes.
But when it’s very dark we see nothing, even if our eyes are open.
Why is that?
Because no light is going in through our eyes.
When it’s daytime there IS light going in through our eyes (if they’re open).
Where does this light come from?
Light comes from the sun.
Sunlight moves …it travels … amazing speed.
How fast does light travel?
Well, a car going fast can travel about 100 kilometres in one hour.
(that’s the time between two finger clicks)
Light from the sun bounces off a rock and goes off in every direction.
If we face the rock with our eyes closed we don’t see it, even though a light ray (a sunbeam) has bounced toward our eyes.
But if we face the rock with our eyes open we do see it because a sunbeam bounces off the rock and into our eyes.
It’s the same with EVERYTHING ELSE that we see.
If we face something with our eyes closed we don’t see it.
Why not?
Because our eyelids are closed and light can’t get in.
But when we open our eyes we can see it ….a rock, a car, a toy, a person …anything we are looking at.
But we have to HAVE OUR EYES OPEN.
What colour is the light that comes from the sun?
Well, it LOOKS white and it IS white BUT….
Sunlight is made up of all the colours of the rainbow (red, blue, yellow, green and other colours) but we can’t see these colours when they’re all mixed up together in a sunbeam.
Each of those colours is invisible to us and a sunbeam (a ray of sunlight) LOOKS white to us, even though it has all those other colours mixed up inside it.
The MIXTURE of all the colours makes the sunlight look white to us.

This is all part of Nature …
…Nature is amazing!!

In the air above us there are millions and billions of tiny little things called particles and molecules …..they’re so tiny, we can’t see them.
When a ray of light from the sun (a sunbeam) ‘hits’ one of these particles the white light SPLITS up a bit and only the BLUE part of the white sunbeam keeps travelling towards our eyes.
     And that’s why the sky looks blue.

Never look at the sun when it’s high up in the sky: it can damage your eyes very badly. The only safe times to look at the sun are at sunrise and sunset.


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8 Responses to Worksheets & Ideas for PP & Kindy

  1. Gerry Mathieson says:

    Do you have some good resources for teaching Preschool childre about Environmental Sustainability? Thanks.

  2. Hiren Shah says:

    hi i found it useful. Thanks for resource

  3. Peter C says:

    Have had a look at the 1&2 year activites. Going to use the PP & Kinder Worksheets for my son who is transitioning between Foundation and Grade 1 in an ESL school. Thank you.

  4. Moxa says:

    It’s really good …Thank you for making it.
    Very helpful for kids & Parents.

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